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IMPACTUM in CONTEXT the Podcast is a space dedicated to discussing and learning about human rights from a multidisciplinary, multicultural, and contextual perspective.


In the episodes, we talk to academics, experts, and members of human rights organisations about the most current human rights issues through a critical and constructive lens. This is a bilingual podcast, with episodes in English or Spanish, depending on the expert interviewed.


The podcast is hosted by Prof Dr Clara Burbano Herrera and Ms Kate Murphy with the support of Mr Yves De Mol. 


The podcast is produced by the Programme for Studies on Human Rights in Context and the IMPACTUM ERC research team.

Credits music

Composers: Yesid De La Rivera - Andres Miranda

Colombian artists

Thanks to the European Research Council (ERC) and UGent Team Multimedia.

IMPACTUM in CONTEXT the Podcast series

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Meet the hosts
00:00 / 19:32
Episode 2
Persons Deprived of Liberty and the Sub-committee for the Prevention of Torture
Dr Maria Luisa Romero
00:00 / 23:26
Episode 3
Persons Deprived of Liberty and the OPCAT Protocol
Episode 3
Will be released in October.

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